The Fall menu at sweetgreen signals a change in rhythm as we transition from the energy of summer to cozier months ahead. Like timeless trees that root more deeply even as they shed seasonal leaves, autumn marks the time to take pause, rebalance, and connect with friends and family. Heartier greens with crisp notes of ripe apples and festive cranberries create the perfect fall backdrop, leaning on the earth’s stored energy to sustain our days. In Miami, the sun sets a little later, still, and we get to revel in Elote magic for a while longer.
Executive Creative Director: Thomas Wilder
Director of Brand: Emily Morris
Design Director: Brian Okarski
Copywriter: Jimmy Jolliff
Art Direction: Melanie Weiner
Designers: Raymund Ramirez + Melanie Weiner
Brand Manager: Annie Lee
Producers: Alexis Coulter + Erin Fitzpatrick
Photographer: Nicholas Scarpinato
Food Styling: Casey Dobbins
Prop Styling: Natalie Papova
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