The late summer menu at sweetgreen invites you to savor the warm languid rays of sunshine, soak in the best flavors of the season, and fuel up for every adventure that awaits. Summer is at its peak and every moment is awash with opportunity and possibility. The weather is ripe with heat and anticipation, and so are the flavors of the season. Roasted corn + peppers and tomatoes return as a crowd-favorite pairing, while the addition of starfruit, exclusive to Miami, boasts a seasonally appropriate tropical flair.
Executive Creative Director: Thomas Wilder
Director of Brand: Emily Morris
Design Director: Brian Okarski
Copywriter: Jimmy Jolliff
Art Direction: Melanie Weiner
Designers: Raymund Ramirez + Melanie Weiner
Brand Manager: Annie Lee
Producers: Alexis Coulter + Erin Fitzpatrick
Photographer: Nicholas Scarpinato
Food Styling: Susie Theodorou
Prop Styling: Nydia Cueva
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