Sweetgreen gift cards make it possible to share the love (and the meals) with those around you in the same dependable way you get your salads. They are an easy way to show up and take care of those around you in the form of a warm bowl at the end of a long day, or a refreshing salad to pick up in between errands. With the added convenience of digital and physical gift cards a mere click away, sweetgreen makes it possible to gift a thoughtful prepaid meal plan for a friend or send a virtual lunch break for your coworker from wherever you are.
Executive Creative Director: Thomas Wilder
Director of Brand: Emily Morris
Creative Directors: Brian Okarski + Marisa Aveling
Copywriter: Elle Clay
Art Direction: Raymund Ramirez
Design: Raymund Ramirez
Brand Manager: Annie Lee
Producers: Erin Fitzpatrick
Photographer: Nivi Shaham
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