sweetgreen introduced the Crispy Rice Treat to their menu. This dessert is a craveable remix of a childhood classic, crafted by the culinary mastermind Chef Malcolm Livingston II. The Crispy Rice Treat is naturally gluten free and is just 6g of sugar.

We developed a system that takes visual cues from vintage cookbooks and candy packaging. A craveable series of images and video content capture the emotions of enjoying the sweet treat until the very last bite.
Director of Brand: Emily Morris
Creative Director: Brian Okarski

Copywriter: Alyssa Mandel
Art Direction: Raymund Ramirez
Designers: Raymund Ramirez + Yi Mao
Producer: Erin Fitzpatrick
Brand Manager: Annie Lee
Photographer: Will Nielsen
Videographer: Key Higdon
Food Styling: Casey Dobbins
Prop Styling: Natalie Papova

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