Sweetgreen is food that lifts your mood, starting from the ground up. Thoughtfully sourced and made with care, we use honest and whole ingredients from local farmers we trust so that every bite is fresh, flavorful, and full of vibrant nutrients. We make choices that feel good from the inside out, from eating green to living green. Green makes us come alive just like nature intended. Green feels good.
Volume 1 of Sweetgreen's newspaper is a glimpse into the brand. Ranging from the latest menu offerings, product spotlights, and merch collections. Customers have the publication readily available as they enjoy their in restaurant experience.
Creative Director: Jillian Wheeler
Art Direction: Micah Woods + Raymund Ramirez
Copywriter: Emilie Nolan
Designers: Esther Park, Kevin Yoon, Raymund Ramirez
Brand Manager: Kyra Peckaitis + Allison Newell
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